Jill Plaice, Broker, Realtor
Plaice Properties

What’s the Plaice Properties advantage?

Jill Plaice flipped her first house when she was 19 years old. Ever since that first transaction, real estate has always been a passion of hers. This coupled along with her love of the St. Petersburg and surrounding beach areas has made her a unique resource when contemplating a broker/realtor to work with when you have an interest in the area.

With an extensive business background in consulting, Jill has a unique view when looking at real estate. Whether it’s your primary residence or secondary home or investment – Jill always keeps ROI in mind whenever you’re looking for that perfect piece of paradise.

While her consulting and corporate business has taken Jill all over the world, once she re-located and settled in St. Petersburg, she knew it was the place – her Plaice!    

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